Our Vision

AMA’s revolutionary approach to quality patient care, safe and effective treatment options, community preservation, and corporate integrity distinguishes us within the highly scrutinized medical cannabis marketplace.

Our organization adheres to four guiding principles that shape the culture of our enterprise:

Commitment to Clinical Excellence

Our vision is to become the leading model of excellence for the provision of cannabis. Through the development of innovative health systems, AMA will deliver safe and effective products to the modern health care marketplace in an atmosphere focused on enhancing the patient experience.

Diverse Cultural Representation

AMA is comprised of a diversified mix of entrepreneurs who represent minority, veteran and women-owned businesses. As a majority minority-owned enterprise, AMA recognizes the value in establishing a diverse workforce of high-level administrators and employees who are equipped to serve a wide range of communities and cultures.

Corporate Social Responsibility

AMA understands the need of any evolving organization to develop a corporate social responsibility program to address the needs of the community in which it exists and to develop a platform whereby the community benefits from the success of the organization. AMA is no stranger to productive community relations which we uniquely developed for our previously owned urgent care centers. We will utilize our CSR program to promote a broad range of social and environmental advantages to the community as we establish ourselves in the Maryland marketplace.

Evidence-Based Practices

As a physician-led organization, AMA understands the importance of evidence-based practices to protect patient safety and physician liability. AMA seeks to advance clinical research surrounding medical cannabis to expand the knowledge base of this modern treatment method within the medical community. We are dedicated to assisting suffering patients and their families who bear the brunt of cannabis’ current Schedule I narcotic status.