ProVerde Laboratories

One of the World’s Leading Medical Cannabis Processing and Testing Laboratories

ProVerde Laboratories, our exclusive processing and laboratory testing partner, will operate a first-rate processing facility and laboratory at AMA’s cultivation site.

ProVerde is one of the world’s leading medical cannabis processing and testing laboratories.  As an ISO-17025 accredited laboratory, ProVerde has written the State-mandated regulations for medical cannabis processing in several newly legalized States.

ProVerde provides AMA with concrete data from medical cannabis analytics to ensure the production of safe and effective evidence-based products.  In addition to a full suite of testing services, ProVerde performs cannabinoid purification/isolation allowing AMA to create custom blends of cannabinoids suited to treat particular disease processes.  In addition, ProVerde has exclusive relationships with several medical cannabis research and development vendors and has granted AMA exclusive access to revolutionary medical devices and technologies.