Research Initiatives

It is the organizational intent to ensure that productive research into the various medical benefits of cannabis is continuously being evaluated.   As such, we have proposed the appropriation of a percentage of our revenue towards future investigational research. In addition, AMA has coalesced an enviable team of renowned clinical investigators and scientists to advance research efforts related to medical cannabis.

University of Guelph


Presently, the University of Guelph is working to perform detailed quantitative assessments of cannabis plants and their complex environmental interactions.  They are developing cultivar specific “recipes” of environment control that will reliably yield predictable quantities and qualities of specific medicinal compounds, such as THC and CBD.  AMA’s exclusive ability to access these “environmental recipes” will provide consistent, optimized products.  This pharmaceutical grade ecosystem results in a level of biochemical precision which in turn is a tremendous differentiator between AMA and other cultivation organizations.

Universtiy at Buffalo

United States

AMA intends on working with the University at Buffalo School of Public Health and Health Professions to conduct research trials on medical cannabis use and patient addiction. It is our goal that these studies will work to identify addiction hazards associated with medical cannabis treatment so that we can work towards mitigating these effects.

Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Professor Raphael Mechoulam is recognized as the Father of Cannabis research and was the first to isolate, synthesize and elucidate the role of THC and other cannabinoids which led to the discovery of the endocannabinoid system and cannabinoid receptors in the human body. Current research from the NIH suggests that cannabinoids may be involved in all human diseases. Professor Mechoulam is on the UB advisory board and is a key resource for AMA in evaluating research opportunities.