Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Daniel brings a unique mix of clinical aptitude, business experience, and innovative influence to his role as Chief Executive Officer of Alternative Medicine Associates.

Dr. Daniel holds over 20 years of medical experience as an emergency room physician and has founded several companies that, through his leadership, have grown into multi-million dollar enterprises.

In 2000, Dr. Daniel founded The Exigence Group, which matured to include seven different healthcare service lines including the high-end, national urgent care chain, Immediate Care. Under Dr. Daniel’s guidance, Exigence expanded its footprint, enhanced its reputation, and became known for strong management and fiscal responsibility. With attention to detail and an eye on the future, he stressed the importance of innovation within the organization to discover inventive ways to deliver modern patient care.

He served as the group’s CEO until 2012 when he structured the nine-figure sale of The Exigence Group to the largest physician services provider in the country. Dr. Daniel recently resigned as President of the Urgent Care Division to take on and conquer new challenges in the evolving healthcare industry.

Dr. Daniel earned his Doctorate of Medicine and a Bachelor Degree in biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and is licensed to practice medicine in eight states. He earned his MBA from the University of California, Irvine, and was named “Best Leader” for his class. He was a member of the board of governors for the Catholic Independent Practice Association of Western New York (now known as Catholic Medical Partners) for 10 years, where he served on the negotiation and compensation and utilization committees. He served as a flight surgeon in the U.S. Air Force Reserves, retiring at the rank of Major.



Ali Sorbi comes to AMA with a strong and successful career in Financial Planning & Analysis. Mr. Sorbi started his career at E*Trade and Cox Communications after having received his double degree Accounting Information Systems and Finance from Virginia Tech. Mr. Sorbi joined Rosetta Stone immediately after their IPO, as the Manager of FP&A. He worked closely with C-level management to help develop their budgets, external reporting and market guidance. After leaving Rosetta Stone, Mr. Sorbi was the VP of FP&A and CFO of Geeknet, Inc., a publicly traded internet company based out of Fairfax, VA. As VP of FP&A and CFO, Mr. Sorbi managed all aspects of day to day finance; and worked directly with the CEO and Board of Directors on restructuring the company and spearheaded a $20 million M&A transaction.

Mr. Sorbi was a member of the management team that applied for and was awarded an unprecedented six medical marijuana licenses in the state of Nevada.  He helped design and gain approval for a business model with two vertically integrated supply chains in Nye County and Clarke County.



Dorian Des Lauriers is an entrepreneur, founder and CEO of ProVerde Laboratories, Inc. ProVerde provides the full spectrum of testing including potency testing of cannabinoid and terpene.  Safety screening of heavy metals, pesticides, microbiological contaminants, Mycotoxins, and Volatile Organic Compounds. Today ProVerde labs is a national leader in the testing, extraction and formulation of medical marijuana.  Extensive research is being conducted on the components of marijuana and its effects.  Cutting edge delivery mechanism are being developed to provide formulations to a wide variety of patient conditions.

Prior to starting ProVerde, Dorian ran a successful software development company whose product, GeoTMS was the most widely used municipal land management and permitting software application in New England.  That application created a unique integration of technology including mobile field inspections, online permitting and code enforcement.  While running the company he was named business of the year and received proclamations from the Massachusetts house and senate.  The Tri-County school to career partnership honored him for his work with high school students on career development.



Mr. Bulbulyan is the CEO of Bulbulyan Consulting Group, a full-service cannabis industry consulting firm heavily involved in the national cannabis scene. Mr. Bulbulyan is one of the early entrants into the cannabis business in California, starting in the cultivation sector of the industry in 2007. Mr. Bulbulyan has operated cultivation centers, dispensaries, and ancillary businesses throughout the years.

On the national scene, Mr. Bulbulyan has one of the highest success rates among industry consultants and lawyers representing clients on the state level competing for a state license to operate a cannabis business. Mr. Bulbulyan’s client was the highest scoring group in Massachusetts with a near perfect score of 160 out of 163 points. Mr. Bulbulyan’s client in Nevada submitted 5 applications and won 4 licenses. In Illinois, where most consultants failed, Mr. Bulbulyan was able to secure both a cultivation license and a dispensary license for 2 separate groups. Besides state licensing, Mr. Bulbulyan is currently working with several cities in California assisting them with the creation of cannabis regulations and has assisted multiple cannabis businesses with expansion into other states through licensing deals. Collectively, he has helped cannabis businesses secure approximately $25 million in financing, and has aided entrepreneurs in entering multiple sectors of the industry.



AMA’s Chief Information Officer has over 25 years of experience developing advanced information systems to assist healthcare providers in streamlining and integrating services in areas of technology, compliance, consolidation, patient care, policy and security. She brings years of broad-based experience in building organizations, leading Six Sigma innovation teams, launching new technologies, and supporting rapid growth.

Prior to her current appointment at Alternative Medicine Associates, Ms. Kuchy held the position of CIO for TeamHealth. While at TeamHealth, Ms. Kuchy implemented a standard footprint, consolidating multiple legacy systems onto a common platform, standardizing and integrating data and processes for finance, supply chain and human resources clinical systems including patient registries. Her initiatives resulted in a significantly improved service delivery system through efficient use of technology.

Ms. Kuchy has successfully created business models for delivering new services and leading technology-driven strategic initiatives such as telemedicine and online programs to increase patient interaction and care integration. She is known for achieving competitive advantages and business enablement through IT strategy.

Ms. Kuchy is responsible for spearheading AMA’s information technology vision and executing its strategy. Her efforts encompass a wide variety of strategic technology initiatives which will impact governance and policy, resource allocation, information technology protocols and cyber security.   Ms. Kuchy will oversee the seamless integration of our various technologies and electronic software systems including our inventory control system, security system, video surveillance, information security, policy and records management.

Maggie holds a Master’s in Computer Science from Florida International University; and a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems from Ithaca College.