Universal Botanicals

A Leader in Pharmaceutical Grade Grow Systems

Universal Botanicals (“UB”), our exclusive cultivation partner and a leader in pharmaceutical grade grow systems, was one of the first three organizations in Canada to receive a license to cultivate and distribute medical cannabis.  UB operates an innovative organic phytopharmaceutical facility in Napanee, Ontario, with the capacity to serve over 2,500 patients per month across the country.  UB’s strong delivery team boasts over 150 years of combined experience in horticultural, technical and engineering management expertise.

UB provides a system of pharmaceutical-grade controlled environments customizable for each stage of cannabis production – from mother plant to dried bud – which provides growers the control and reproducibility needed to maximize product quality while eradicating crop loss in a commercial-scale facility.

AMA’s cultivation equipment creates and sustains precise uniform growth conditions that result in consistent biochemical outcomes for each plant in each batch, streamlining workflow, reducing waste and standardizing the product.

In the present medical Cannabis environment, the only “standardization” patients are receiving revolves around the requirement that all batches of products go through testing to ensure that each batch meets general profile requirements. While this assures that the patient is generally getting similar levels of THC and CBD, it does not assure that the patient is consuming medication with identical cannabinoid profiles with each treatment. AMA provides both patients and clinicians the assurance of a completely standardized cannabinoid profile with every dose of each particular strain.